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DronEye Imaging – Zoom Capabilities for Safe Drone Inspection Methods

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DronEye Imaging is an Indianapolis, Indiana based drone business that has invested in drone technology to service clients requesting aerial drone inspection.  Aerial Imaging and drone technology continues to improve on capabilities and data collection methods.  Drone Inspection will continues to be a viable and cost effective option.
DronEye Imaging has added to their fleet a drone specifically for drone inspection.  This drone is able to utilize a camera with the ability to zoom from safe distances from the structure to provide aerial images desirable to the client.  The imagery is provides the needed views and data for each unique project.
After performing numerous flights and operations servicing over 40 clients in the Indianapolis Metropolitan area, DronEye Imaging continues to invest in new technology and products. Their continuous investing efforts allow them to provide the safest and absolute best client drone service possible.  Safety is of the utmost importance to the Indiana based DronEye Imaging team. Adding this unique feature to their fleet allows them to provide the safest and most reliable data collection drone service. Whether your desired drone inspection is for a cell tower, electrical system, bridge, smoke stack, roof, monument, or even façade restoration, DronEye Imaging can provide the most cost effective way to analyze you project.
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